Painting Concrete

Painting concrete floors can be relatively easy once you know some helpful tips. Painting your concrete floor can transform an ordinary gray surface area so it look good with your home’s decor. It also will help protect the concrete floor from normal wear and tear.

One of the first things you have to do before you start painting this type of flooring is to perform a thorough degreasing and cleaning. You also need to make sure there isn’t any moisture in the area and then you have to treat the concrete floor with some type of acid etcher. After that’s done, you can apply some concrete paint along with a sealer after the paint has thoroughly dried. Painting concrete floors will take time and effort, so make sure you plan enough time to get the job done right.

Painting Concrete

There are paints that are just made for painting concrete floors. In the past, the color choices were very limited, but now you can find many different colors to select from. If you don’t find the right color of cement paint, it is possible for you to use latex paints. These paints will give you a great number of colors to select from. Make sure to use really good quality latex paints because they will last longer.

Painting Concrete Makes Floors Last Longer

Before you can paint a plain cement floor, it needs to have the right texture. Paint won’t adhere to floors that are smooth and not porous. Acid etchers are an effective way to get the concrete ready for painting. Theses etchers make the surface area of the floor more rough similar to sandpaper textures to ensure that the paint will actually adhere to your cement floor. After you have used an acid etcher, the floor needs to be completely cleaned and then rinsed off to make sure that no etcher is left on the floor.

The concrete floor needs to have enough time so it will be dry and this could take a number of days after you have cleaned and etched it. The next step to do, before you actually starting painting, is to use some sandpaper to reduce any bumps or lumps on your floor. The last prep step is to vacuum the entire floor and then use a tack cloth on it. A tack cloth is just a sticky cloth that you can buy at most home improvement stores.

You should apply, at a minimum, two coats of cement paint or latex paint when you paint your cement floors. After you get this done, you need to let the paint completely dry before you can apply a sealer. The process of painting concrete floors should always include applying a good quality sealer. Most people use some type of polyurethane coating because it gives the painted cement more protection and durability.

Make sure the cement area that you paint and seal has good ventilation. Most of the materials you will be using will have strong odors and you need good air flow in the area. You should always wear protective clothing like gloves and goggles too. Painting concrete is a great idea when you want to improve the look of the floor.